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Everyone, please meet Dottie! 🐶😍 While This Battered Suitcase (both the blog and its social media) have always been and will always be primarily about travel, the reality is my life is about so much more than just travelling. A lot of my life is spent right here in this house, my home. After 12 years living abroad, including over two years of nomadic life, it feels so good to own a home and be able to enjoy all of the souvenirs I’ve collected over the years, not to mention all the renovating and decorating and gardening I’ve devoted a big chunk of the last year to. And yet… something felt missing. While I love my family and friends, my job, my house, and my travels, there was always another reason that I moved home to Canada: I really, really wanted a dog, and have so for a very long time. I gave myself a year of living in Canada before adopting one; I made it ten months, so that ain’t bad. I found Dottie on an adoption website alongside hundreds of other rescue dogs that need homes. I fell in love instantly. Despite not knowing how she spent the first two years of her life, and not even knowing her breed (I’m guessing a Husky/German Shepherd/Labrador/Rottweiler mix?), what I do know is this: she’s goofy and sweet, happy and loving, and already trusts me completely. We’ll have to work on some training (she loves to pull on the leash) but she’s housetrained, she loves car rides, she barely barks, she doesn’t chew anything in the house save her toys and bones, and she sleeps curled up at my feet all night. My life is already so much richer with her in it. ❤️ I also plan on taking her on as many trips as I can; I’m thinking drives across Canada and the USA, and lots of camping trips. When she can’t come with me, I plan on getting friends to housesit (not that they’ll need much convincing…). After living on my own for 16 years, and travelling on my own for 12, I’m more than ready to share my life with Dottie. And for those wondering, she’s named after a Rockford Peach 😝⚾️🍑 Check out my stories for more photos of this sweet girl! Oh and yes, the matching was intentional. I'm THAT dog owner. 🤓 Do you have a pet? Do you ever travel with him or her? #adoptdontshop

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